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Archer Heater

Why choose an Archer Heater?

Archer Heaters are premium Australian made products which are a fantastic way to heat your home. If you’re wondering why it’s worth choosing an Archer…

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The Block - Scotty Cam
The Block

Proud suppliers of The Block

PROUD SUPPLIERS OF THE BLOCK We’re proud suppliers of The Block for the fourth consecutive year. Our expert customer service and wide range of barbecues,…

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Cleaning your flue

Cleaning your flue/chimney

Cleaning your flue/chimney Winter isn’t just flu season – it’s FLUE season, as your wood heater will be getting a workout and half as temperatures…

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Guinness Grilled Shrimp

Guinness Grilled Prawns

Guinness Grilled Prawns This Guinness Grilled Prawns recipe is going to blow your socks off, the is a must try recipe for anyone who loves prawns….

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