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Outdoor settings for the ultimate backyard oasis

As Aussies, we’re pretty big on outdoor living. As such, residential properties rarely come free of any outdoor space whatsoever, whether it be a studio apartment, townhouse or big family home. Outdoor spaces are great for extending the living areas of a home. The right outdoor furniture can maximise the use and potential of any outdoor space or balcony, transforming it into an oasis your family wants to spend time in.

Indoor/outdoor living is on the rise resulting in an influx of outdoor furniture types and styles available. At BBQs and Outdoor, we have curated a range of quality outdoor chairs, tables and complete outdoor settings. Comprising different brands, sizes, materials, colours and designs, our collection of outdoor furniture caters to all needs, styles, lifestyles and budgets.

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Our range of outdoor furniture caters for all outdoor, lounging, dining and entertaining needs with a variety of contemporary designs and styles to suit different spaces. Functionality and durability are key when it comes to outdoor furniture, both of which are delivered across the range.

Whether it’s for Saturday afternoon summer cocktails or candlelit evenings with your favourite drop, outdoor bar style furniture is sure to go down well. Not only does it provide the ideal seating arrangement for drinks and nibbles, but it can also give any outdoor space a fun feel to its aesthetic

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With a great love for the outdoors, summer and a good BBQ, outdoor dining is a common facet of many Australian households. As the saying goes, “the kitchen is the heart of the home”, and these days, we cook and dine outdoors more than ever. So, why not create the perfect outdoor get-together space, complemented with an outdoor setting your family and friends can comfortably gather around to share a great meal? From big to small, timber to aluminium, you’re bound to find the perfect outdoor table and chairs for your needs in our inventory.

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When it comes to outdoor lounge suites, durable material, weather-resistant fabric, and supportive comfort are important! With our range of outdoor lounges to choose from, curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, or settling in for Sunday afternoon gins and sunshine has never looked (or felt) this good.

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Even little gardens can benefit from the addition of outdoor chairs or a garden bench. Garden or courtyard seating can help maximise the space and provide a nice place to sit and enjoy some fresh air and sun rays. They can also be a good option for ‘additional seating’ when entertaining large groups.

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For taking it horizontal poolside, our range of day beds and sun lounges has you equipped to do it in complete comfort and style. Day beds and sun lounges can help in creating the perfect outdoor oasis that boasts luxury and relaxation. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to lounge this summer – you’re in the right place!

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Protecting your outdoor furniture

From the blistering summer sun to winter downpours and chill, outdoor furniture is usually exposed to it all. The material your outdoor furniture is made out of plays a huge role in how well it will last in the elements. And nothing adds to a special outdoor space more than the condition of your outdoor furniture.

At BBQs and Outdoor, we have curated a range of outdoor furniture that is made out of some of the most durable materials around. However, there are still things you can do to get the absolute best service life out of your outdoor table and chairs if you plan to leave them outside year-round:

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