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Sunny days and balmy evenings in Australia are for entertaining. Whether it’s hosting family barbeques, having the boys over for the footy, or even just entertaining yourself poolside. And what’s a good time without accessible, chilled beverages on hand?

Having a dedicated bar fridge to store drinks for yourself and your guests is a socialising game-changer. No more trying to squeeze beer bottles into the crevices between your food in the main fridge. No more running to the kitchen whenever someone wants a drink. And no more lukewarm wine that missed out on a fridge spot.

Our range can tie into your aesthetics and make it easy to be that hospitable hero. Keeping your drinks cool has never been simpler. We offer a tailored selection of high-performing, convenient and elegant bar fridges to complete your entertaining space.

With over 25 years of experience to guide us, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible bar fridge products in Australia and customer service to match.

Bar fridges for all beverages and spaces

We work hard to continuously curate a collection of the best bar fridges. We’ve got options for the wine enthusiasts, beer-lovers, and the ones who like a bit of it all! Our range of bar fridges covers every commercial or residential hospitable need and preference.

We select our bar fridges based on their quality, performance, and appearance. They provide easy access to perfectly chilled beverages and can also add vibrance to your space. Having trouble deciding? Feel free to get in touch with our team or visit our Thomastown showroom to discuss your cooling needs.

Explore the types of bar fridges

When looking for a bar fridge for your home or business, it’s important to note that there are a few kinds. Understanding more about the different types available can help you know which is best for you. Below you can find some basic information on the different types of bar fridges we stock:

Easy access to ice-cold beers goes hand-in-hand with just about any occasion. A glass door beer fridge is a perfect way to show off your selection and have quick access to a cold one. We stock a wide range of beer fridges to cater for everyone’s unique outdoor space, lifestyle and budget.

With premium double door fridges, hospitality fridges, simple mini-fridges and everything in between, you’ll find what you’re looking for at BBQs and Outdoor.

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Wine requires special storage conditions to maintain its best taste. Wine fridges help to keep your favourite drinks in their best possible condition. Want to up your game when hosting the next grand final? Expanding your restaurant’s wine list? We have cooling solutions tailored to your needs! If you’re looking for a wine bar fridge to match the quality of your favourite drop, our range won’t disappoint.

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They say variety is the spice of life. If you tend to agree, a combo fridge can solve all your problems with equal space for wine and beers. We’ve kept our selection elegant and premium with neutral aesthetics that look good in any residential or commercial space. Our combo range is bound to turn your entertaining area up a notch when it comes to dinner parties, weekend barbeques or just having a few of your closest over.

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Display fridges can be an enticing feature in both homes and commercial spaces. We cater to various commercial needs with glass door bar fridge options ranging in sizes. This range can also add a touch of ‘connoisseur’ to outdoor-entertaining areas at home. Our team of experts select our range based on optimal performance, storage, features and beautiful appearances.

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