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An impressive range of BBQ and outdoor kitchen rangehoods to suit any alfresco

As Aussies, our love for a good old BBQ and alfresco dining will never die. It’s a love so strong, we’re known for it around the world! However, while the smell of food sizzling away in an outdoor kitchen can be mouth-wateringly delicious, the smoke, heat, moisture and grease… not so much.

Rangehoods for outdoors, commonly known as BBQ rangehoods or BBQ fans, are the answer you have been looking for. Not only do these products protect your alfresco area (and guests), but they can complement any alfresco or backyard entertaining space, giving it a stylish and sophisticated finish.

Finding the right outdoor rangehood can be a bit of a challenge. That’s where we come in to help with our extensive range of top-quality brands and products for outdoor rangehoods and expert advice to go with it.

Rangehoods for all alfresco spaces

For rangehoods and BBQ fans Australia, look no further. We stock a wide range of trusted BBQ rangehood products at the right price, to suit any alfresco space and revolutionise your backyard cooking.

If there is a particular brand you’re after, there’s a high chance you’ll find we stock it – from Beefeater and Falmec to Gasmate and Schweigen, we’ve got them all! Our range of outdoor rangehood products caters to all motor mounting design needs, including:

We pride ourselves on offering you the best possible customer service to ensure you can make a confident purchasing decision either online or in store at our Thomastown showroom.

What is an outdoor rangehood?

An outdoor rangehood is similar to the rangehoods you would find in indoor kitchens. They are powerful exhaust systems designed to capture unwanted heat, steam, smoke, grease and smells. It does this by sucking the air up, filtering it, and expelling it via ducting.

So, what makes a good BBQ rangehood?

As BBQ rangehoods are exclusively designed for use in outside areas, they’re the heavy-duty version of the indoor types. They are built to move a lot more air and also resist a lot more heat due to usually being above a grill/flame. There is one main feature that separates different outdoor rangehoods from each other, in terms of performance – their extraction fan power.

Do I need a BBQ rangehood?

If you have a partially enclosed alfresco space, we would highly recommend the use of a rangehood made specifically for the outdoors. They are great for the extraction of unwanted smells, smoke and heat but will also protect any nearby walls, ceilings or other structures from the build-up of grease. Grease build-up can be messy to clean. Left to linger, it can do long-term damage and present a potential fire hazard to your property.

Should you live on a large property with ample outdoor space and BBQ to cook on, out in the open, (and no neighbours), you may not need an outdoor rangehood.

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