Easy BBQ Gas Leak Test

Gas Leak Test

Be like Dave, check your BBQ for a gas leak the easy way!

If you have arrived here, you may be wondering how to leak test a gas BBQ. A leaking gas bottle, regulator or hose can be dangerous – these leaks often cause BBQ fires. Use this guide for how to check your barbeque for a gas leak, using only soapy water!

Watch the video below for a fast, effective, and safe way to prevent barbeque gas leaks, and improve your barbeque safety!

Video time: 61 seconds.

The soapy water gas leak test

When to Test?

The BBQ gas bottle, regulator & hose assembly should be checked for leaks, using the soapy water leak test, every time you reconnect your regulator to the BBQ gas bottle. You should also test after any long period of non-use, such as at the beginning of BBQ season.

What to use?

You will need a soapy water solution to check for any leaks. Mixing liquid hand soap with water should work fine.  Place the solution in a liquid spray bottle. It’s a good idea to leave the spray bottle with the BBQ, so it’s always a handy reminder to perform the gas leak test.

What not to use?

No Ammonia! Your BBQ valve and fittings are made from brass. You must never use any soapy water solution that contains ammonia, when you do your testing. Ammonia can cause brass to become brittle and crack. Be aware that ammonia is found in many pre-prepared glass and surface cleaners, so make sure you read the label before use.

How to Test?

Put some soapy water in a spray bottle or a dish. Turn on the LPG gas bottle without turning on the BBQ. This pressurises the system. Next, spray the entire valve, regulator and hose assembly with the soapy water. Alternatively, you can apply the soapy water with a paint brush, basting brush or it can even be sponged on. Bubbles will form if there is a gas leak and you may also smell the gas. You need to test the entire assembly from the gas bottle valve all the way to where the gas hose attaches to the BBQ. When done, rinse with clean water to remove the soap solution. Remember to always test the lot every time you re-connect your gas bottle. If you find a leak, turn off the gas bottle immediately! Do not turn back on or attempt to use the BBQ until the problem is rectified.

This guide was created using the fantastic ELGAS leak check guide which can be found here and is worth a read.

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Easy BBQ Gas Leak Test