BBQ and Furniture Maintenance

Maintaining your BBQ

Nothing is more Australian than inviting your friends over to enjoy a traditional Australian BBQ.

The outdoor BBQ has come a long way over the last few years. Today cooking enthusiasts can choose from portable Barbeques ideal for picnics and camping right through to outdoor kitchens complete with the kitchen sink.

Looking after your BBQ should give your BBQ an extended life and increased performance.

Check out our guides on looking after your BBQ on the right hand side.

Maintaining your Furniture

Furniture manufacturers today utilize a variety of materials and specialized finishes on indoor and outdoor furniture designed to protect the furniture during regular use.

Regular care and maintenance will give you the years or satisfaction that you expected when purchasing your outdoor furniture.

Check out our guides on the right hand side for care and use instructions.

Maintenance Downloads

For manual instructions for faults please download the Instruction PDF’s below