Weber – Flame iQ – To suit Weber Baby Q Classic models


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  • Requires a power supply – supplied with a 1.0 metre 240 V cable and a 2.4 metre 12 V cable IP44 rated – suitable for outdoor use
  • Compatible with Q1000 / Q1200 - Classic 2nd Generation models only
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty

Weber - Flame iQ

The Weber Flame iQ is a flame safeguard system with unique patented technology, designed especially for use with a Weber Baby Q. Good news for all Weber Baby Q (Q1000 / Q1200 Classic 2nd Generation) owners, the Flame iQ is retrofittable, so there’s no need to part with your much loved BBQ to benefit from its unique features.

What is the Weber Flame iQ?

The Flame iQ is a flame safeguard system. It’s a type of flame safeguard device, with added features and benefits.

A flame safeguard device is designed to stop the flow of gas to an appliance in the case that the gas flame goes out – for example, if the flame is blown out in windy conditions.

The Flame iQ flame safeguard system has the added functionality of continuously sensing for a flame. It will attempt to reignite the burner in the event of a ‘flame out’ (up to 3 attempts), before shutting off the gas and going into a lockout mode. If the burner reignites, the Flame iQ will reset for another 3 attempts.

How does the Weber Flame iQ work?

The Flame iQ features a sensing probe, situated on the burner. If the probe senses a ‘flame out’, it sends a signal to the Flame iQ, which then attempts to reignite the burner, up to 3 times at 5 second intervals.

If the burner is not reignited by the third relighting attempt, it will shut off the gas to the burner and go into lockout mode. This is shown on the Flame iQ when the reset light is illuminated.

If the burner is successfully reignited on the first, second or third attempt, the Flame iQ resets itself (and will attempt 3 reignitions if the probe again senses a ‘flame out’).

Why does the Flame iQ need to be connected to a power source?

The Flame iQ requires a power source (either 12 V or 240 V) to power the built-in electronics. The electronics power the lights on the control panel, the electronic solenoid to open and close off the gas supply, and the reignition sequence functionality. You cannot operate a Flame iQ without a power source.

Can I use the Flame iQ on other BBQs?

The Flame iQ has been specifically designed for use on Weber Baby Q (Q1000 / Q1200 Classic 2nd Generation).

It also fits Baby Q Classic 1st Generation (Q100 / Q120). Please note that the updates to the AS/NZS 5263.1.7:2020 standard are not retrospective, so do not apply to these barbecues.

It cannot be retrofitted to other barbecues (Weber or other brand).

Will the Flame iQ impact the performance of my Baby Q?

No, the Flame iQ does not impact the flow of gas to your barbecue, and does not impact the performance of your barbecue. If you are concerned about the performance of your barbecue, refer to the troubleshooting information in your Owner’s Guide or reach out to our Customer Service team on 1300 301 290 if you require further information.

Does the Flame iQ need to be installed by a gas fitter or plumber?

No, the Flame iQ does not require installation by a plumber or gas fitter. The Flame iQ comes with clear instructions for installation, usage and how to conduct a gas leak test post installation. If you require any further assistance, please reach out to our Customer Service team on 1300 301 290.

Do I need a new gas hose when I fit a Flame iQ?

If you are connecting your Weber Baby Q with Flame iQ fitted to the plumbed LP connection of a caravan of boat, or to any other LP plumbed gas supply, you’ll need to purchase a bayonet hose. If you are using your Weber Baby Q with Flame iQ fitted to an LP gas cylinder, you can use the hose supplied with the barbecue.

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