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Up your barbeque game with the world of Weber Q accessories

The Weber Q is the little gem of the BBQ world, and they’re incredibly versatile to suit many cooking needs – of course, they excel in traditional BBQ grilling. But simply adding in a roasting trivet and convection trays they’re used in conjunction with, turns your Weber Q into an oven for barbecued roasts, pizzas and cakes. Or throw on the hotplate and start sizzling eggs, baking pancakes or toasting sandwiches!

Now, we know that’s the choice for one portable barbeque, and options can get a little overwhelming. Don’t stress! BBQs and Outdoor stock an extensive range of Weber Q add-ons sourced for their usability, convenience and innovation, to help everyone to up their BBQ game. You’ve got lots of room to discover new accessories to match your beloved grilling tricks and techniques and create some new favourites.

Turning your backyard into an outdoor kitchen just takes the proper tools. To get the most out of your outdoor cooking, browse through our range of Weber Q, Baby and Family accessories and start experimenting with some new foods and flavours.

Explore our range of Weber Q Accessories

New levels of barbequing requires broadening your equipment repertoire! Our rotisserie kits come  complete with motor, prongs, rod and extension shield to cook a whole chicken or roast and keep the flavourful juices in the meat.

Switch between barbeque and oven mode in seconds by combining the trivet and convection tray. Weber’s disposable trays make even cooking a breeze as they’re designed with vents to allow the fat to drip away  and encompass the foods with flavour.

Grill brushes, cookbox scrapers and spray cleaner  are the essential accessories that keep your Weber Q in tip-top shape to perform for years to come. Our tools do the job efficiently, so you can quickly clean up your steak dinner without tainting tomorrow’s roast.

Get every drop of delicious juice or marinade on and into your meats and veggies with a basting brush that absorbs and spreads a generous amount of sauce over your foods.

Our selection of cooking plates and trays vary just enough to support cooking most foods but is limited to valuable and convenient items to help our customers get the most of their purchases.

Every seasoned BBQ chef has a cherished set of tongs because there’s not much you can’t do with them. With no slip-grip and appropriate lengths to handle all your food maneuvering, they’re the one utensil to keep close at all times.

Our lightweight and durable Weber Q covers can help protect your BBQ kit from the sun and dust. Our covers are also water resistant.

From Weber’s Barbecue Bible packed with tips and tricks to general barbecue recipes, BBQ cookbooks offer all the help you need to master the art of barbequing.

Our selection of wood chips are available in a variety of flavours, ensuring the perfect smoke flavour profile regardless of what’s on the menu.

Upping your barbeque game means grilling to precision with the help of our thermometers, including app-connected devices that monitor your food from start to a delicious finish. Adding a thermometer takes out all the guesswork!

Store and transport your BBQ wherever it needs to go. Depending on barbecue, options include the foldable portable cart, great for hitting the road with your barbecue, or the sturdy stay home patio cart.

Keep the smells contained and the heat just right when braising your meats and slow cooking pork curries with the Weber Q casserole dish.

Weber Q’s really are the jack of all food trades with their added ability to heat a frying pan. Cook omelettes, fry schnitzels and sautee mushrooms in our easy to clean frying pans with detachable handles.

Add a pizza stone, close the Weber Q lid, and you’ve got a  pizza oven for perfectly cooked and delicious party favourites.

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Weber – Family Q Rotisserie Kit – (300/3000 Series)