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Outdoor BBQ RangeHoods

BBQs and Outdoor stock the rangehoods of four different companies – Beefeater, Gasmate, Schweigen and Whispair. These companies are all incredible manufacturers of quality products and the wide variety of available items means that here at BBQs and Outdoor we can confidently approach any set of requirements with the tools to meet them.   Beefeater… Read More

Posted by Bethany Henry on June 2, 2013


Selecting Your Rangehood We have made choosing a Schweigen silent rangehood as easy as possible. Step 1: Choose your rangehood design. Step 2: Choose the power option of your IsoDrive Silent Motor.   Step 3: Enjoy your conversations in the kitchen again!   Guide to choosing the correct sized rangehood for your cooktop: Rangehood Size… Read More

Posted by Bethany Henry on February 16, 2013