Green Mountain Grills Pellets Fruitwood Blend

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Product Description

 Green Mountain Grills Pellets Fruitwood Blend


Product Description: This bold blend of cherry, beech, and pecan (yes, pecan is a fruit!) smells sweet when you cook with it and adds character to whatever you grill. Premium Fruitwood Blend Green Mountain Grills Pellets are a Perfect blend of fruitwoods to bring out the flavor in your food. This blend is favored by competition barbecue teams and grillers nationwide for their flavorful light smoke.

Breakdown: 33% Cherry, 33% Pecan and 33% Beech

Pellet Usage

These test results were obtained under the following conditions:
Ambient temperature range: 10-18°C. Usage of GMG Premium Blend Pellets. No food in the cavity. No wind.

Your results may differ due to:
Food in cavity which absorbs BTU’s as it cooks. Usage of a different brand of pellets. Opening and closing the lid.
Operating at higher or lower temperatures than testing conditions. Operating in wind.

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