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Yoder Smokers – Handcrafted in the USA

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Yoder Smokers – Handcrafted in the USA

Yoder Smokers have a rich history of building competition grade smokers right in the heartland of low n slow barbecue – Kansas, USA.

Starting with handcrafted Offset Smokers, Yoder have since expanded into a range of high quality wood pellet smokers, offering you all the wood fired flavour of a traditional offset, with true set and forget ability and incredible versatility. This range of wood fire pellet grills can do everything, from grill a steak, providing steakhouse quality sear marks, to roast your Christmas turkey and everything in between.

Made from high grade, locally sourced materials, each Yoder is handcrafted from a heavy duty grade of steel. So thick is the steel, each Yoder smoker is guaranteed against burnout. Every Yoder smoker is fully welded, this keeps smoke flowing and an even temperature across the cooking chamber, perfect for turning out quite literally award winning low n slow barbecue.

Let’s check out the range stocked by BBQs & Outdoor:

Yoder YS480 Pellet Grill

The range of Yoder wood fired pellet smokers starts with the YS480. Although the smallest of the range, it packs a powerful punch, being able to easily reach temps of 600F-/ 315C, ideal for searing steaks to perfection. The YS480, can operate at temps as low as 150F / 65C, perfect for cold smoking.

 Yoder YS480 SmokerYoder YS480 Open

The YS480 comes equipped with two cooking levels, offering an overall cooking space of 790 square inches. Plenty of room for a big cook up at home, whilst providing a small overall footprint for easy storage and maneuverability.

The YS480 is feature packed:

  • Made in America’s heartland
  • Easy to use Digital control and display
  • Ability to be built into an outdoor kitchen
  • Easily cleaned
  • Door Counter Weight
  • Second Shelf, Heat Management Plate, Heavy Duty Chrome Cooking Grates & Outside Front & End Shelf are all included as standard in Australian model
  • 150F / 65C – 600F-/ 315C degrees in 5-degree increments
  • 20 pound / 9kg  hopper capacity – for up to 12 hours worth of set and forget cooking
  • 10 gauge steel cooking chamber, 14 gauge steel on hopper and cart
  • Fully 240V Converted
  • Australian Safety & Electrical Compliance
  • RCM Compliance

The Yoder YS480 can also be optioned with a competition cart. The foundation of the competition cart begins with the 8″ pneumatic tires for unmatched mobility, fitted with stainless steel shelves for food safety and easy cleanup. Orange finish is standard, but other colors are available & custom heavy gauge stainless steel signage is also available for the back.

As the name suggests, the Yoder Smokers YS480 fitted with the competition cart is made for competition! As such, the cart comes standard with tie down points, perfect for when you’re on the move around the competition circuit.

Yoder YS480 Comp Cart

Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill

Bigger brother to the YS480, the Yoder YS640 has the same great features of the YS480, but is bigger.

Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill

Overall cooking space is increased by approximately 33%, to a total of 1074 square inches of cooking space.

Additionally the YS640 has a Variable Displacement Damper (VDD). When the YS640 is setup traditionally (heat diffuser in place) the VDD allows the pit-master some additional grate level temperature control. With the damper pushed all of the way in the left half of the grill will run hotter, when positioned all the way out (open) the right end of the grill will run hotter. With the damper pushed in about 5-inches the grate surface will cook fairly even, which creates the ideal environment for slow cooking similar cuts of meat. With the direct grill kit in place it is recommended to open the damper all the way to allow the heat to develop across the entire cooking surface.

Like it’s little brother, the YS640 can be optioned with the Competition Cart.

Yoder YS 640 Comp Cart

Yoder YS1500 Competition Pellet Grill

Things are getting really serious now!

Yoder YS1500 Yoder YS1500 Open

The Yoder YS1500 Competition Cart Pellet Grill redefines versatile. The YS1500 is equipped with Yoder’s wood pit proven heat management system (HMS) that provides the cook the ability to instantly build different heat zones in the pit. The HMS gives the pit-master outstanding temperature control from side to side, making it easy to grill off a bunch of steaks, fill it full of butts and briskets or cook an entire competition on it. Mounted on the competition cart with 10″ pneumatic tires provides  exceptional style and unmatched mobility from your trailer to the cooking position.

Yoder Cimarron Pellet Competition Grill

Affectionately known in some circles as The Beast, this is the biggest wood pellet smoker available in the Yoder range.

Yoder YS CimarronYoder YS Cimarron Open

Whether you are competing in the fast paced world of barbecue competitions or engaged in mobile catering, the Yoder Smokers Cimarron Pellet Competition Smoker delivers robust cooking area in a small footprint to fit neatly into your mobile cooking package. The texture and color produced by the Cimarron are un-matched in the world of pellet grills. The heat management system and easy to use controls with integrated food probes delivers results that are akin to a wood fired offset. The marriage of a pellet grill and old-fashioned wood pit to create an incredible smoker, designed with world class results in mind.

The 26″ x 54″ cooking chamber features two 25″ x 26.5″ main level cooking grates giving you 1,325 square cooking inches while the slide out second level shelf adds another 898 square cooking inches. The Cimarron was designed to easily cook an entire barbecue competition giving you the room you need to move food around as necessary and allow heat and smoke to envelop meat giving you better bark and flavor. This fully featured unit includes a 40 pound hopper with pellet dump feature. The pellet dump allows for changing over pellets flavors or the ability to dump for those long trips!

As you can see, there is a Yoder Smoker for everyone. From the backyard enthusiast to the competition circuit travelling pit-master, Yoder have you covered with their range of wood fire pellet smokers.

Drop into our Thomastown or Niddrie showrooms to see selected models of the Yoder range on display and to have a chat with one of our enthusiastic Yoder specialists.





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