Schweigen Butterfly Rangehood – 90cm

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Product Description

The Schweigen Butterfly Rangehood 90cm WM3150S is strikingly modern in appearance and provides remarkable performance. The Twin halogen down lights illuminates the cooking area while the commercial grade stainless steel filters thoroughly trap the oils and grease.

Its soft touch controls are clearly visible and easy to use. 15 minute delay automatic shut off timers enable you to enjoy your meal whilst food odours continue to be removed from the cooking area.

The Schweigen Butterfly Rangehood 90cm WM3150S has been elegantly and stylishly finished, making it the visual highlight of any kitchen. Like a breath of fresh air, this Rangehood quickly and quietly whisks away all kitchen smells and odours and is backed by a money back guarantee.

Motor Options:
•Single External Motor (Isodrive 650)
•Twin External Motor (2x Isodrive 650)
•Powerful External Motor (Isodrive 1600)

Schweigen means Silent
Schweigen is German for silent. But there’s more to it than just a name. Its high-pressure-building fan delivers the highest domestic suction and pressure available. And because it’s located outside the home (roof or side walls), it’s silent where it counts: in the kitchen! Proven sound engineering principles use ambient noise from outside to neutralise any sound from the Isodrive® motor.
The Isodrive® motor sits at the top of the system, literally, so there’s no fan next to sensitive ears in the kitchen. No motor or mountings in the rangehood means there’s much less weight in a Schweigen rangehood, so no noisy, damaging vibration – and no design or engineering compromises.

Schweigen is Efficient
Unlike other rangehoods, the Isodrive® doesn’t have to cope with doing two jobs at the same time…
– Sucking hot, soiled air from the kitchen and cooking area, then
– Pushing it uphill or around corners (or both) to the outside air…
So there’s no strain on the motor and only minimal air turbulence inside the rangehood and ventilation duct. Think of a rangehood system as an upside-down funnel. The rangehood opening is the large end at the bottom, while the outlet to the atmosphere is the narrow end at the top.

Schweigen is Clean and Safe
Turbulence causes soiled air to deposit greasy, smoky residues inside rangehoods and ducts, attracting vermin and insect pests, and creating a dangerous fire hazard – right over the cooker!
Schweigen’s Isodrive® system draws air quickly and freely to the outside with no obstructions to cause turbulence or any unhygienic, high-risk build-ups of grease and grime.
Schweigen’s exclusive Isodrive® is uniquely silent, efficient, clean and safe. No problems.
Schweigen is Guaranteed
Every Schweigen rangehood carries a 3-year parts and labour warranty. Schweigen’s exclusive Isodrive® mechanisms come with a full 10-year warranty.


Additional Information

Motor System

Single Isodrive 650m3/hr, Twin Isodrive 1100m3/hr, Power Isodrive 1600m3/hr, Single Isodrive 900m3/hr