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Schmick Tropical Glass Door Mini Bar Fridge 70 Litre – HUS-SC70

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Schmick Tropical Glass Door Mini Bar Fridge 70 Litre – HUS-SC70-SS

Outside Tropical 38oC rated alfresco glass door bar fridge that holds up to 85 x cans! Triple glazed door this is one of our flagship products.

Tropical Rated Glass Door Bar Fridge made especially for outdoor tropical alfresco areas in Australia. Triple glazed door and lock, we designed shelving structure to allow 4 x height of cans, can fit 85 x 375ml inside. Perfect for that little outdoor BBQ area or that shed environment for a few spare cool ones in times of need.


Clearances Required: Always allow a minimum of 40mm at the rear as units (the power cord needs this minimum space to flex), approximately 30mm on top, and 20mm at each side to allow doors to open where they hinge.