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Masport Deluxe 210 Built In BBQ

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Masport Deluxe Inbuilt 210 Built In BBQ is a great value package 6 Burner BBQ with features found in much more expensive barbeques, but without the same price tag. A fashionable inbuilt barbecue finished in vitreous enamel and a 304 stainless steel front fascia. A good looking functional barbecue. Masport Deluxe Inbuilt 210 Built In BBQ

Make your barbecue the centerpiece of your entertaining area with the Masport Inbuilt range.
Constructed from 304 stainless and with all the features you’ve come to expect from the Masport range, your Inbuilt will make you the envy of your friends and family

1. If you are using a thick basting sauce containing sugar, jam, honey or ketchup brush it on during the final few minutes of cooking. If applied too early, especially at high cooking temperatures, the basting sauce will quickly burn and char.
2. Grill one side of the meat for the time recommended in the recipe or cooking time chart. Brush the uncooked surface with oil or butter. Turn the meat over and complete the cooking cycle. Note that the second side will generally take a minute or so less to cook than the first side.
3. Meat marinated for a few hours, or overnight in the refrigerator, moistens, flavors and tenderizes the meat. A cheaper lean cut will benefit from an oil based marinade.

Masport barbecues are built to last.
To keep them looking and working at their best, follow these handy tips once a month during the barbecue season:
• When the barbecue is cooled (if it has been in use), remove the warming racks, cooking surfaces and flame tamers. Wash thoroughly with a brush and warm soapy water.
• Use a scraper to remove any debris and built up residue in the barbecue body and inside the lid.
• If your barbecue has a glass hood and is especially streaky and unclean, use a spray-on oven cleaner and ordinary newspaper to wipe it off. Repeat the process if necessary.
• Allow all parts of the barbecue to dry completely before reassembling.
• Use a suitable spray cleaner to clean the external surfaces of your barbecue.

Model: Masport Super Grande RBW 210 – Inbuilt BBQ

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