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Hark Wood Pellets Pecan are made from premium timber sourced from the USA. Pecan flavour – sweet and nutty – perfect for chicken and pork ribs. The perfect way to add that extra flavour to your meats.

Hark Wood Pellets Pecan are clean burning and basically leave no ash to clean up.

Directions for using Wood Pellets
– Do not pre-soak wood pellets in water prior to using.
– Pre-heat your smoker and bring it up to the desired cooking temperature.
– Add a small handful or half a cup of pellets into the wood chip box.
– At the first sign of smoke, place your food inside the smoker.

Come and check out the Hark Wood Pellets and the huge range of Hark Accessories at BBQ’s and Outdoor. To obtain that flavoursome, smoky flavour to your seafood and meats, check out our range of smoking wood chips and wood pellets.

With smoking other materials than can be used in the smoking process, including herbs, spices,
rice, tea, seaweed, nut shells. The resulting flavours can be subtle or in other cases
strong and pungent. This is where it can be beneficial to experiment with adding
new ingredients to the smoking process and is a good idea to keep notes for future

Hark-Wood-PelletsHark is all things grill, roast, smoke. We design, manufacture and wholesale a diverse range of outdoor cooking units, including gas barbeques, rotisseries, outdoor cookers and gas, electric and wood-fired smokers. We also produce a wide range of complementary BBQ accessories from covers to meat thermometers and mitts. And our premium smoking wood chips and pellets are considered some of the best available in Australia. Hark works closely with our retail partners across Australia to provide our passionate BBQ customers with great value, quality and service.

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