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GrandFire Sear Burner Kit 26″

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Product Description

GrandFire FlashFire™ High-temp Infrared Sear Burner Kit for GrandFire 26″ Classic BBQ

Any chef will tell you that the best steak is one where the juices are first sealed through fast high heat cooking on both sides of the meat.

FlashFire™ sear zone on GrandFire BBQ’s is designed specifically to provide ultra-high temperature that enable fast searing of the meat to be achieved. Once the meat is sealed it can be finished off over the regular grill. FlashFire™ sear zone is the perfect feature for ensuring your steaks are cooked to restaurant quality.


GrandFire BBQ AustraliaGuests are gathering. Drinks are in hand, friends and family are catching up, accompanied by plenty of laughter. Workmates share stories of big wins from the week. The promise of an amazing meal has brought them all to your place.

GrandFire BBQs make a stunning impact for the discerning entertainer. Owning one means you will enjoy the sophistication and sleek finish of a BBQ crafted from the finest quality stainless steel. Guests will be treated to perfectly cooked steak, succulent chicken and char grilled vegetables of restaurant quality.

If your demand for style must be matched by incomparable performance, only a GrandFire BBQ is capable of meeting your expectations.

The closer you look at a GrandFire BBQ, the better it looks. You discover our stainless steel is commercial grade, promising greater toughness and corrosion resistance than lesser BBQs. Its also double skinned in zones exposed directly to high temperature.