Gasmate Professional Range Hood – 120cm

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Gasmate Professional Range Hood – 120cm

This Gasmate Professional Range hood is the perfect product to finish off your outdoor kitchen area.  Made from high quality stainless steel, these sleek and stylish range hoods will add class & functionality to any outdoor kitchen.

Size: 1200mm (W) x 800mm (D)
Ducting: 2 x 150mm diameter flexible ducting  (All must be flued independently)
Clearance: Minimum 1200mm required from BBQ cooking surface to Rangehood
Noise level: ≤ 80 Dba
Weight: 40Kg
Gasmate Professional Range hood

12 Months

When looking to choose a range hood it is very important to select the correct range hood to suit the Built in BBQ and Outdoor Kitchen layout. Correct ducting of the range hood is just as important as selecting the correct range hood so always follow the manufactures instructions for installation.

Without a correct capacity and placed Gasmate BBQ Rangehood you will find emissions from your Built In BBQ or Outdoor Kitchen setup will quickly fill the room with smoke, grease and odors that are difficult to remove.

Gasmate BBQ Range hoods have an extremely large airflow due to the amount of smoke and heat coming from the built in BBQ and or side burner. A domestic kitchen range hood should not be used as a BBQ Range hood as they do not have the power to exhaust smoke or handle the extra heat put off by the BBQ.
A range hood is an exhaust system that lives above the cooking area and captures the grease, steam, smoke, heat and odours above your stove. This is done by an internal fan that pulls air up into a special filter. If you would like cleaner air, healthier living space and a grease free environment then a BBQ range hood is a necessity for your household.

Gasmate is an iconic Australian brand that has been a market leader in outdoor leisure for over 30 years. Australians have been buying Gasmate products since the 70’s for their outdoor adventures and backyard lifestyles, knowing that every product meets stringent quality and innovative standards