Gasmate Pizza Oven – Stainless Steel Deluxe

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Gasmate Stainless Steel Deluxe Pizza Oven

Gasmate Pizza Oven Stainless SteelGasmate Pizza Oven Deluxe Stainless Steel can be used to cook a variety of food.  From the perfect pizza to a beautifully cooked roast dinner, this Gasmate Pizza deluxe oven will not only cook your meal superbly, but looks incredible and makes the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen.


Model: PO110
Dimensions: 580 (L) x 625 (D) x 810 (H) mm
Gas: Propane
Cooking surface of wire racks: 425 x 490 mm
Cooking surface of ceramic stone: 355 x 380 x 12 mm


12 Months

NATURAL GAS VALVE (Optional Purchase)

Gasmate Pizza Oven Natural Gas Valve




BBQ Cooking Tips

Weber Hickory Chips
Wood Chips: Wood chips can be used to add smoke which can enhance the flavour of your food. You can use a stainless steel smoker box available from BBQ’s and Outdoor within the BBQ. The flavour Hickory is a good all-round choice as a smoking wood for those just getting started. Smoker boxes and wood chips can be found at BBQ’s and Outdoor.
Reheating Pizza: Did you know that a BBQ is the perfect way to reheat a pizza? Set the BBQ on low and allow to preheat. Then put the pizza directly on the grill of the BBQ and close the lid. Heat the pizza until cheese starts to melt.

Gasmate is an iconic Australian brand that has been a market leader in outdoor leisure for over 30 years. Australians have been buying Gasmate products since the 70′s for their outdoor adventures and backyard lifestyles, knowing that every product meets stringent quality and innovative standards.