Bromic Tungsten Portable Outdoor Heater LPG

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Tungsten Smart Heat Portable Outdoor Heater LPG

A new era in portable gas heating

Bromic Tungsten-Smart-Heat-PortableThe Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat™ Portable Gas Radiant Outdoor Heater is the synthesis of cutting edge design, world-first engineering, and practical functionality.

Bromic Tungsten-Smart-Heat-PortableConsistent with Bromic Heating’s vision for industry innovation, the Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat™ Portable Outdoor Heater takes relocatable gas heating to the next level with its efficiency and effectiveness unparalleled in today’s market.

Bromic’s Tungsten Smart Heat™ Portable Gas Radiant Outdoor Heater is up to 300% more efficient than traditional products. Patented ceramic technology focuses the heat, vastly increasing energy conversion. Australian, European and American sales are driven by architects’ and specifiers’ appreciation for the product’s clean and minimal lines. Operators enjoy lower running costs and higher wind resistance, while patrons benefit from the gentler spread of warmth and subtle styling.

Bromic-Tungsten-Portable-Heat-DimensionsBromic-Tungsten-Portable-Heat-AreaBromic Tungsten-Smart-Heat-Portable

Bromic Heating was established by the Bromic Group in 2007. Harnessing the technical expertise gained from over 30-years in the gas appliance and hospitality industries, Bromic Heating revolutionized the heating industry through a focus on powerful performance and aesthetic appeal.

Through extensive in-house development of our patented Smart-Heat™ technology, we have tailored a range of effective radiant heating solutions to the unique requirements of the hospitality and residential markets. Our provision of gas, electric and portable products enables a solution-oriented approach with the versatility to optimize our heating systems in any area.

Distinctly different designs across the Platinum, Tungsten and Cobalt ranges furthers this flexibility, utilizing high-end materials to craft uniquely-styled packages to introduce true Smart-Heat™ performance to any environment.