Bromic Tungsten Ceiling Pole – Smart-Heat Heater Gas

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Bromic Tungsten Ceiling Pole – Smart-Heat Heater Gas

Bromic Tungsten-Smart-Heat-Gas
Bromic’s engineers deem 2500mm to be the ideal height at which to mount our gas heaters and have devised a ceiling pole system to take the guess work out of installation. Simply work out your floor-to-ceiling measurement and we’ll work out the rest!

Roof-mounting a gas heater is a great way to maximise floor space but as the distance between the ground and heater increases, efficiency decreases.

Bromic Heating was established by the Bromic Group in 2007. Harnessing the technical expertise gained from over 30-years in the gas appliance and hospitality industries, Bromic Heating revolutionized the heating industry through a focus on powerful performance and aesthetic appeal.

Through extensive in-house development of our patented Smart-Heat™ technology, we have tailored a range of effective radiant heating solutions to the unique requirements of the hospitality and residential markets. Our provision of gas, electric and portable products enables a solution-oriented approach with the versatility to optimize our heating systems in any area.

Distinctly different designs across the Platinum, Tungsten and Cobalt ranges furthers this flexibility, utilizing high-end materials to craft uniquely-styled packages to introduce true Smart-Heat™ performance to any environment.

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246mm (3.2m Ceiling), 446mm (3.4m Ceiling), 646mm (3.6m Ceiling), 846mm (3.8m Ceiling), 1046mm (4m Ceiling)