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Beefeater Signature 3000SS Built In BBQ – 4 burner


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Product Description

Beefeater-Built-In-BBQ-Signature_SS_4_burner_12840ssSensational Beefeater Signature 3000SS Built In 4 Burner is a classic high performer.

With a solid stainless steel BBQ frame with stainless steel cooktops; this 4 burner Built In BBQ delivers class leading performance from it’s 19mj/h burners.

Beefeater-Signature-Grill-PlateBeefeater Signature 3000SS Built In 4 Burner is really one to get the heart pumpin’. With heaps of available cooking space you can’t get much bigger or more powerful than this. Go ahead, fire it up and feed the masses. BBQ’s and Outdoor are a Beefeater Specialist.

Class topping stainless steel cook top

Made from solid thick stainless steel, one of the toughest materials on BBQ’s available.

Vaporizer grid and reflector system with anti-flare technology

Anti-fare technology reduces annoying flare-up and heat loss for faster cooking and superior fuel economy.

Integrated convection roasting hood

Experience cooking perfection in stainless steel. The removable roasting hood also includes an on-board temperature gauge and warming rack.

Integrated Quartz Start Ignition

Our innovative titanium coated system ensures durable and hassle free ignition first time, every time.

Built in Outdoor Components

When you are constructing your outdoor entertainment area a great addition would be one or more of the huge range of built in doors, draws and more. Check out the huge range of built in bbq components available from BBQ’s and Outdoor.

Beefeater BBQ Accessories

Why not match your top BBQ with our huge range of quality Beefeater barbecue accessories?

Beefeater Natural Gas KitsBeefeater Natural Gas Kit (Optional Purchase)

With a Beefeater Built in BBQ you have the option to have a licensed gas fitter convert the BBQ to natural gas with a Beefeater Natural Gas Kit from BBQ’s and Outdoor you can forget about the old gas bottle all together!

Beefeater LogoAt BBQ’s and Outdoor as a Beefeater Specialist we stock a huge range of BeefEater spare parts. BeefEater maintain a full range of spare parts long after you have purchased your appliance. This will ensure that you get years of performance and enjoyment from your BBQ investment.

As a Beefeater Specialist Dealer we can supply Beefeater spare parts delivered across Australia. We have a huge range of spare parts available for all models (Discovery, Signature, Clubman) of Beefeater BBQ’s including injectors, natural gas kits, knobs, wheels, thermometers, rotisseries, vaporisers, cast iron burners, cast stainless burners, replacement grills, plates and so much more.

Take a look at our huge range of over 40 Beefeater Spare Parts and if the spare part product is not listed, please call us (03) 9462 1522 or contact us through our website.