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Beefeater Signature 3000S Built In – 5 burner


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Beefeater_Built_In_Signature_SS_5_burner_12850ssThe sensational Beefeater Signature 3000S Built In 5 burner is a classic high performer. With a solid stainless steel BBQ frame with rust free cooktops; this 5 burner Built In BBQ delivers class leading performance from it’s 19mj/h burners.

Beefeater Signature 3000S Built In 5 burner is really one to get the heart pumpin’. With heaps of available cooking space you can’t get much bigger or more powerful than this. Go ahead, fire it up and feed the masses. BBQ’s and Outdoor are a Beefeater Specialist Dealer.

When you are constructing your outdoor entertainment area a great addition would be one or more of the huge range of built in doors, draws and more. Check out the huge range of built in bbq components available from BBQ’s and Outdoor.

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Throw in it’s portability for those times you want to move the BBQ to another location but also have the option to have a licensed plumber convert the BBQ to natural gas with a Beefeater Natural Gas Kit from BBQ’s and Outdoor you can forget about the old gas bottle all together!

Beefeater LogoOnce you have experienced a Beefeater BBQ you will know that there is nothing better than owning a Beefeater BBQ and being able to buy parts for it even when it’s 15 years down the road. Beefeater knows how to build a quality barbecue, but also keeps the customer in mind even in the future. We at BBQ’s and Outdoor – Beefeater Specialist Spare Parts Dealer have access to every part of a Beefeater BBQ even for models that are 15 + years old.

All our parts are Genuine Beefeater and we get them directly from them. When it comes to BBQ Spare Parts “We are the Beefeater Specialists”. If you don’t know exactly which model you have or not sure of what part you need please call us on (03) 9462 1522