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BBQr's Delight - Savory Herb Pellets 450g


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    Usually Ships in 1 – 2 Business Days
  • Pair With: Beef, Pork, Ham, Poultry
  • No Soaking Required
  • Only 1/3 cup Needed for Maximum Flavour
  • Natural and Salt Free
  • BBQr's Delight - Savory Herb Pellets 450g

    BBQr’s Delight Savoury Herb Pellets produce a strong zesty and robust flavor of Italian herbs. Wood Pellets are a very economical way to create smoke and easy to use. They give off a very pure smoke that is very consistent and long lasting due to their compact make up that is 100% natural. Easy and convenient to use, this 450g bag can get up to 10 uses.

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