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We’re blessed by the sun in Australia and the outdoor socialising it brings for the greater part of the year. It’s safe to say, however, that we’re all well aware of the dangers of too much sun and the need to seek shade and slip, slop, slap! Investing in quality protection for your outdoor space means you get to enjoy summer days at home, protected and guilt-free.

BBQs and Outdoor live and breathe outdoor spaces – we’ve curated an expert selection to suit our customers’ style, and quality needs. This curation led us to discover Shelta Umbrellas to be the best balance of quality, convenience and price – and with their range of styles, sizes and shapes, they suit a range of diversified domestic needs.

Shelta outdoor umbrellas are where raw materials meet garden party elegance. Durable materials mean they outlast the weather of our  four seasons for years, and their beautifully designed styles blend seamlessly into your environment.

Commercial use

Outdoor spaces always have been and will continue to be hot property and popular for both business owners and customers. Pair this with a beautiful and durable outdoor umbrella, and you’ve got a wonderfully pleasant space for your customers to gather safely around year-round.

Depending on your venue, you can opt for a cantilever or centrepost Shelta umbrella. Cantilevers are fantastic for accessibility and customer movement around tables and through your venue, as their stand sits adjacent to the shade and reaches out to create a neat and elegant aesthetic. Centrepost umbrellas are a more versatile option – place them in various locations around your venue and move them as your hourly and seasonal needs change. Both types are built to last and come in a range of styles and sizes.

Residential use

The peak of shade and style meet in Shelta umbrellas, providing you with both the essential shade to keep your family and friends protected from the sun and the good looks to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Whether you have a private courtyard, curated garden, outdoor dining space or swimming pool area, we’re confident you’ll find an outdoor or pool umbrella that wins your heart by browsing through our Shelta selection.

Shelta umbrellas can be stored conveniently out of the way while protecting you and your guests when you need. They come with the option for you to adjust the height and angle of the canopy for optimised protection. Shelta umbrellas also offer water resistance.

Whatever you need from shade, Shelta covers you.

We’ve stock Shelta for all needs, budgets, lifestyles and aesthetics!

If you’re looking specifically for an umbrella that covers a table of around six to eight people, a centrepost type might be the one for you. Our Shelta centrepost umbrellas feature a pole-mounted in the middle of the shade resting in a weighted base.– you can insert them into the centre of tables or move them around to wherever you need shade.

With an easily adjustable height and angle of the shade and a winder function, you’ll be covered by Shelta whether the sun is glaring in the late afternoon sun or midday heat. Our centrepost selection also comes in a range of styles and sizes, so whether you’re a fan of traditional or a more alternative look, browse through our collection to find the Shelta for you!

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A cantilever Shelta outdoor umbrella is a recommended option for larger and more dynamic tables and spaces. Cantilevers are fantastic for accessibility, convenience and looks, with their heavy-duty pole positioned on the side, mounted to a much heavier base to support the shade’s outreach.

A long arm extends from the adjacently mounted pole of the canopy and reaches out to the side, enabling a large shade area while keeping the pole out of the way. BBQs and Outdoor stock different sizes, beautiful styles, and practical shapes to deliver the right cantilever Shelta outdoor umbrella for you!

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