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The best sizzle of every summer

Your BBQ is one of the true summer essentials. When the sun is shining all day long, the evenings are warm and delightful, and your garden is calling, indoor cooking just doesn’t cut it. Whether you love bringing people together to celebrate the good times and summer months or prefer low-key family dinners, BBQs will always be a true essential for all Australian families.

It’s probably not worth mentioning that we love our barbecues at BBQs and Outdoor, because, well – it’s in the name! With over 25 years of outdoor merchandising experience, we’re in an expert position to curate a selection of the finest and most broad variety of BBQs to suit the needs of all of our customers across Australia.

What to consider when choosing a BBQ

Manufacturers have found many ways to heat a grill so you can cook your snags and steaks just about anywhere. So, when browsing through our selection of BBQs, the first thing to think about is what you want to use it for exactly.

If you’re after a durable and efficient machine to use at home and for when you have friends over, you can opt for a gas, charcoal or an electric powered barbecue. If you’re running a local sausage sizzle, you might consider one with a large flat plate and that you can easily move around. Or, if you’re a camping enthusiast, you’d want a portable BBQ that you can use on the go.

Our selection includes the very best barbecuing equipment, such as:

Explore the different types of BBQs

Gas barbies are on the convenient and efficient end of the feature spectrum, they can be ready to cook on with minimal fuss and still create fantastic flavours. They’re controlled by the push of a button and the turn of a dial, with either an attached LPG gas bottle or mains supply. The controlled heat of gas barbecues means the temperature you cook at is moderated accurately and changed easily, so they’re perfect for hitting the medium-rare level of doneness every time!

The speed and instant flames of a gas BBQ make them perfect for a midweek grill after work when you want to cook outdoors but can’t waste time lighting coals. With constant and direct heating, you can enjoy a beer or wine and catch up on your day while you sear away. So, when you plan to grill regularly and cook outdoors with ease, gas barbecues would tick many of your boxes.

Shop Gas Barbeques

Charcoal barbecues are versatile in both their cooking abilities and functionality. This fuel is highly adaptable to suit your cooking ventures, whether you want to  cook a Sunday roast, sear a steak or smoke some ribs. Charcoal BBQs supply not only a radiant heat from the steady burn of the coals, but also that traditional smokey barbecue flavour.

Additionally, these types of barbecues can come in portable forms, so you can take them away with you, throw some charcoal in and get grilling. Charcoal BBQ’s are ideal for living your nomad dreams as you can cook your meals directly on the grill wherever you want to set up your camp. Whilst these barbecues can require more effort, the benefit is unparallelled wood fired flavour.

Shop Pellets and Charcoal Barbeques

Electric barbecues offer many of the same benefits as larger barbecues but are much easier to use in restricted spaces. You can use them indoors, so they’re ideal for apartments, properties with barbecuing restrictions (particularly in relation to charcoal or gas) or for those who would like to tuck their barbecue away when they’re not using it. Simply plug electric BBQs into a power socket and switch it on to deliver a consistent and controllable grill temperature – no need to mess around with charcoal or connecting gas!

Our electric BBQ’s come in a range of sizes, including compact types that you can tuck away easily or take with you when you’re heading to a friend’s place or on a road trip. We selected our range for convenience; even their plates are easy to clean, with no charcoal or gas fumes, they’re perfectly safe to store in your home or vehicle.

Shop Electric Barbeques

Store Locations

We currently have two convenient store locations serving all of your barbecue needs across Melbourne.

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