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Accessories for the best BBQ cooking experiences

As the weather warms up, it’s in our nature as Australians to start firing up our BBQs more often, for longer, and for the new and old friends we haven’t seen in a while. With the many long days, warm nights and hot holidays we get to experience, we’ve got to be prepared for our barbequing duties – and that means accessorising!

Adding the essential BBQ accessories to your kit can help you make the most of your outdoor cooking, cater to more people, and enjoy the party without unrequired stress. BBQs and Outdoor stock the very best and broadest selection of BBQ accessories to up your game. Search our accessories to find anything you need, from cleaning equipment, to all the baskets and grill plates imaginable, a wide range of rubs and sauces, fuel supply and even cookbooks with top tips and tricks.

The end goal of our accessories is to make your outdoor cooking experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible. After all, the reason you’re cooking out there is to soak up the good times, socialise and eat some deliciously tender foods. Browse our vast range of BBQ and outdoor accessories to select the tools that will power up your barbequing experiences.

Browse our list of diverse BBQ accessories

BBQs and Outdoor live and breathe all things barbeque – among us, we’ve cooked with just about everything in an outdoor kitchen. Our experience has taught us the difference between essential accessories and items on the gimmicky side of things. Our love for outdoor cooking has led us to create a list of BBQ accessories packed to the brim of game-changing options to help our customers explore new cooking territories and streamline the way they’re currently grilling their food.

For the ones seeking a specific item, you’ll find the creme of the crop in our collection. And for those looking to browse for new inspiration and grilling skills, our selection will guide you to where you need to go and win your enthusiasm.

We’ve created a list below to quickly take you through the range of BBQ accessories in our collection:

Explore the types of BBQ Accessories

Prongs, tongs, trolleys and tools: the paintbrushes for the barbeque artist are just as essential as the kit itself. BBQs and Outdoor stock everything that assists in making your barbecuing experience easier and more efficient. This includes covers for those who leave their barbecue out year-round, extended tongs to manage your favourite cuts, or additional grill plates to get the char of your dreams.

Our BBQ add-ons include items that are often forgotten about but can make a world of difference when you need them – think items like fish baskets, thermometers, drip pans, and side plates to keep your food fresh and warm.

Shop BBQ accessories

Seasoned BBQ chefs probably know the value in keeping their equipment in tip-top shape for both the hygiene of their food and maintaining the quality of their BBQ and outdoor accessories. Barbeques can last for years when you look after them lovingly, and cleaning them at the end of each session is a great way to love them.

At the end of a summer party, we know that cleaning isn’t always a priority. So, we’ve made a collection of cleaning tools that make this as easy for you as possible! A quick spray, scrape and wipe will keep your kit looking and tasting amazing. Our accessory selection also includes gloves, aprons and mitts, to protect yourself from the high temperatures and greasy settings that can come with outdoor cooking.

Shop BBQ cleaning tools and clothing

There’s nothing worse than planning a BBQ day and buying your food products only to be stopped by having no way to fuel your flames. Keep your fuel supply stocked up and operating effectively with our extensive range of lump charcoal, briquettes and chips and chunks.

BBQs and Outdoor have personally cooked with every type of barbecue using the most common fuel sources. This led to our investigation and selection of the best value fuel sources to support our customers with an efficient barbecuing experience.

Shop fuels and fuel accessories

Our accessory list wouldn’t be complete without items that enhance the whole point of a barbeque – the food! Browse our range of rubs, marinades and sauces, specially selected for enhancing the flavour profile of your next cook. We’ve also got a range of cookbooks to help you explore new recipes and take your barbecuing skills to new heights.

Shop marinades, sauces and cookbooks

Store Locations

We currently have two convenient store locations serving all of your barbecue needs across Melbourne.

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